Just Update Your Website Content To Instantly Share It To All Your Independent Sales Channel Partner Sites.

Beautifly Power Websites With a Secure Product Distribution Feed Built In

EQHarvest OEM combines the powerful EQHarvest Pro CMS with EQSeed API product information distribution to deliver a comprehensive solution for OEM's. Now with one platform, you can update and manage your website content and make those changes immediately available throughout your entire sales organization. One update means instant real time distribution across your entire sales organization.

Dealer/Channel Portal

To aid communication with your sales channel and dealer network, EQHarvest OEM includes a secure and protected document portal to house all your internal documents to help your sales organization sell better. From price sheets and compitative sales sheets to feature comparisons and brand standards, whatever information you need to securely provide to your sales channel partners can be houses in this secure portal.

Custom Distributable Configurators

In addiction to raw product specifications and data distribution, EQHarvest OEM also lets you create product configurators that can also be distributed down to EQHarvest based dealer websites. So, if as the OEM you have a product configurator on your website, that configurator can also be passed down to EQHarvest based sales affiliate sites.

Secure Private Pages

Pages can be designated as either public or private for secure access. It's easy to create an intranet like private site for your company or sales organization to go along with your public site by simply designating pages as private so only those with access can view them. Or, the feature could be used to create a private page for one or more high-value customers.

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