Core SEO Platform Fundamentals

Short URL Structure

The URL structure is optimized for performance with Google's search engine spider bots.

Meta Content

While keywords have been thoroughly devalued by Google. Meta tags and descriptions are still critical and fundamental elements for SEO and our platform makes it easy to manage for all site content.

Page Speed

Page speed is critically important for both performance and page ranking. The platform isolates coding page dependences to keep from continually reloading the same resource libraries on every page load like competitive platforms do.


An automated sitemap generation feature makes sure the sitemaps are always available in the root directory for search engine spiders. The sitemap can also be downloaded for manual submittal via Google's webmaster tools.

Comprehensive Schema

Send the right signals to search engine spiders about your business and content. We fully support rich content schema types to include Organization, Products, Events, Place (location), Offer (incentives), Services, Reviews, and Blog.

Robots File Direction

A robots.txt is stored in the root directory to help guide the search engine bots to spend more time indexing your best content to improve site quality and page ranking metrics. This requires client cooperation to determine and rank their highest and least valued content.

Title Tags

Title Tags describe page content for the search engine spiders so they can accurately index websites. Google then displays these tags on the search results pages for users to see and understand what the content is about.

Site Architecture

The hierarchical structure of the internal linking helps the search engine spiders understand how pages are related. Google interprets this to determine for how easily users can navigate the site which can increase page ranking.

Content Optimization for SEO

While best-in-class SEO is the result of a continuous content enrichment and support program, the initial site development process covers all the fundamentals to optimize your site prior to launch. This includes keyword optimization of your H1 tags and content for the most valuable relevant search terms. It also includes adding meta descriptions, alt tags for images and video content, and location data for geo-targeting.

BCSS can work with you to develop an ongoing SEO program to continually update and optimize your content based on analytic metrics and the evolution of Google and other search and page ranking algorithms. Contact BCSS today to start the conversation.