Market Targeting

To Stand Out You Have To Be Seen

It goes without saying that you before you can stand out, you have to be seen, BCSS will work with you to develop a custom marketing strategy to make sure your organization gets noticed and stands out from the competition. It starts with integrating

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is much more than PPC and/or SEO marketing on Search Engines like Google. It's has the precision to target behaviorally, geographically, or demographically and then continually overlay cross targeting for precision accuracy.

BCSS develops custom digital marketing strategies to combine inventory targeting to serve specific types of content to demographic and geo-targeted segments. Then we overlay it with behavioral user targeting based on browsing or past purchasing history and augment it with 1st or 3rd party data to maximize ROI with pinpoint accurate targeting.


Digital Display




Social Media

The strategies, platforms and content requirements for social media are unique from those in digital media. From strategic development to campaign and creative execution, everything is different for social media and in fact each platform. The tacts and blending of organic posts and paid campaigns to send a unified message across disparate platforms from Facebook to Youtube to Instagram and LinkedIn can be complex but BCSS is staffed and ready to help with the task.

Reputation Management

The downfall of social media is that all your hard work and brand investment can be obliterated in a matter of minutes with ill conceived or malice filled post, or even bad reviews. With a strong and continuous reputation management plant, these occasional outbreaks can typically be controlled in fairly short order, but it has to be taken seriously from the inception. With BCSS, you will always have a reputation management team in place to help with these issues on a daily basis as they arise.

Traditional Mass Media

To reach broad demographic segments there is still nothing as cost effective and powerful as traditional mass media. Traditional media is still a mainstay for broad based branding and wide market promotional campaigns. Broadcast television and radio combine to deliver powerful messaging, while outdoor and print add layers of geo-targeting onto traditional campaigns.

Personal Experiential & Direct

From traditional direct mail to IP Targeting and digital Retargeting, there are many ways to market at a more personal level. It's time to add power to your campaigns and communicate int he first person to build a better relationship with your customers and prospects.

Experiential events take your brand on the road with personal experiences to bond with your customers while PURL campaigns can bring reporting accountability and an interactive element to traditional direct marketing campaigns. The BCSS team can define and execute strategies to help your organization form and maintain a more personal bond with your valued customers.