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Welcome to the Internet and digital marketing services of BealsCunningham Strategic Services.

Now more than ever, a business’s decision to invest in a well researched, planned, and executed digital marketing strategy is a decision that usually delivers “game changing” results for that business.

We are a Google Adwords Certified Partner and full service Internet marketing company in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with expertise in all major Internet marketing and digital medias. We have been the trusted and “go-to” digital marketing agency for some of Oklahoma City’s most recognizable brands for as long as 16 years! But we don’t just handle SEM and digital marketing services for big name brands. We take care of the online and digital marketing services for a variety of small to large sized businesses as well! And because it's online marketing, our clients are located all over the United States including Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, and Tennessee, and in cities like Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Dallas, and more.

Our services are 100% customized and unique to each business and their individual objectives. As such, your search engine marketing (SEM) plan will include only the components below that are best suited to accomplishing your particular goals.

PPC - Pay Per Click advertising

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Online Banner advertising (Display advertising)

SMM - Social Media Marketing (Facebook advertising / Twitter marketing)

Perhaps you’re looking for a way to reach out to and attract as many people to your website as possible?
In only 7 months, we increased a custom home builder's relevant website traffic by 222% year over year from Jan-July 2011/2012.

Do you have a new product or segment of your business that you’d like to promote or  increase sales for? We helped a professional photographer increase his business by booking $20,000 in new business in the first 6 weeks of his Internet marketing campaign, a 300% increase from the same time period the year before.

Maybe you’re looking for ways to increase your social media “likes” and/or followers as a conduit to promoting your brand and services?
We increased the Facebook “Likes” on an Oklahoma City restaurant’s Facebook page by 2,749% in less than a month, and increased the monthly active users by 163%.

It gets better!

Internet and digital marketing isn’t just about reaching and influencing online users!
Have you, or are you currently, utilizing Television, Radio, Direct Mail, Outdoor Billboards or Newspaper?

Think about your own behaviors for a minute...when you saw a compelling ad from any of the above medias, did you stop what you were doing and contact the business right then? Or did you at some point go to your computer, your cell phone (iPhone, etc..), or your tablet (iPad) device...and search for the company or service mentioned in the ad?

That’s right, Internet marketing can absolutely increase your offline media ROI, because in today’s market, the internet is just simply the most utilized media that people use to get information and/or find businesses!

As a full service traditional media and Internet marketing company, we understand the complete advertising and buying cycle! So in your research and decision making process, it is critical that the Internet marketing company you choose understands and consults with you wisely on the fact that whatever message you place in the offline public space (TV, Radio, etc..), you must have an equal or stronger online presence to capture the consumers that will inevitably look for your product, services, or company online.

These are the things we know and keep our clients at the cutting edge on as the basis for a strong and productive client/advertiser relationship!

Have questions, or want to discuss how we can make a difference to your business with an online/digital marketing strategy?

Call us today, or fill out the "Contact Us" form and we'll be happy to talk with you about how and which Internet marketing strategies will work best for your business and marketing goals!

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