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Online Display Advertising

Online Display advertising is the fastest growing segment of online advertising and is a very effective tool for businesses that need any of, or multiples of the following:
 - High Volume Exposure
 - Stronger Brand Presence
 - Awareness of Specials / Promotions / Specializations

Not that long ago, display advertising was an exclusive club that only a Fortune 500 brand could afford. But thanks to revolutions in technology and the growth of publisher and ad content networks, we can offer most SMB's a completely customized display advertising campaign that utilizes one or more of the following:
Geo or Location based targeting - city / IP address / zip code, etc
Retargeting (a.k.a. remarketing) - targets users that have previously visited key pages on your website
Contextual targeting - websites that contain similar content to specified keywords
Category / Interest based targeting - utilizes predefined interest/categories from years of user data collection
Demographic targeting - targets by age, household income, etc

eMarketer published a very interesting article compiled from a Forrester Consulting study, researching how people interact with display advertising.

Benefits of Display Advertising:

  • Immediate high volume exposure to target audience
  • Ads can have Graphic & Textual content (flash, video, etc..)
  • High repeat or "frequency" of message to target audience
  • Boosts ROI of other offline and online marketing efforts
  • Trackable and Measurable results


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