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Is measuring the efforts you make toward making your business and website more successful important to you?

Do you utilize direct mail marketing with a tracking phone number to measure success? But how many people went to your website to learn more about you and/or what your direct mail piece was offering...and then called the phone number on your website?

Would you want to know if the majority of new visitors (potential customers) to your website were leaving the homepage of your website after only 10 seconds?

Your email marketing campaigns are showing great open, and click thru rates...but what do you know about what those users are doing once they get to your website?

Do you advertise on TV or Radio and track success by measuring phone calls and/or asking customers how they heard about you when the come in to your business? But how many customers saw your TV or radio ad and went to your website to learn more about you and/or your special...but never called or came by? If the number of "no contacts" was significant enough...would you want to know why they weren't contacting you?

Google Analytics provides incredible data and insights into all of the above scenarios, and so many more! It's a tool that we utilize on every client's website to provide the client and our digital marketing team measurement and insights to online and offline marketing, as well as website performance.

Call us today or fill out the "Contact Us" form with any questions you have about measuring the success of your business and online marketing and offline marketing efforts, and we'll be happy to walk you through your particular solution options.

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